Women will play a greater role in the economy, according to TAWN’s political stability on the occasion of the 5th anniversary


By Chijioke Kingsley

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – The African Women’s Network (TAWN), a non-profit organization established to give African women a voice in society and empower them to contribute to societal growth, has called for the participation of Women in Nation Building, saying it is an important ingredient in achieving a fair, peaceful and more prosperous society.

TAWN said this Tuesday, in an announcement to mark its five-year anniversary.

According to Ms. Patoris Okeahialam, President of TAWN, while many policy makers and development agencies fear that pursuing a greater role for women in nation building “too soon” could lead to instability, TAWN researchers say available information suggests otherwise.

A society that cares more about the rights of the weaker strata of its society, including women, will be less likely to initiate violence, while economic and social development is greatly increased when women enter the market, said she declared.

“Gender equity and the inclusion of women play a central role both as a litmus test and as an active variable shaping a more democratic, stabilized and developed society”.

Okeahialam noted that the call has become necessary because societies around the world, especially in Africa, are going through a difficult phase in their circles of development occasioned by the harsh realities of life.

She added, “Rebuilding communities will be an arduous task that will require the contribution of every citizen, especially the special skills and talents that women possess.”

She denounced the increase in cases of violence against women and girls in society, including rape, physical and emotional abuse, sexual harassment, female genital mutilation (FGM) and cultural bias, among others, adding that TAWN will continue to advocate for a better deal for African women.

Activities organized to mark its fifth anniversary will soon be rolled out, according to Okeahialam.

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