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By: Sri Ram Pandeya
PATNA: This is the time of year when young students face the dilemma of how they should approach their career options. Studying political science, in my humble opinion, opens up a wide variety of career options and equips everyone with life skills by providing an understanding of power structures in our social life.
A recent trend around the world is that a political science student is educated in a multiplicity of disciplines that equip him to explore more conventional and sought-after career options like entry into the bureaucracy as well as alternatives that students have increasingly chosen over the past decade, such as in the fields of journalism, creative writing as well as teaching.
A career in research is one of the most viable options after the emergence of interdisciplinary subjects like development, gender, environment, human rights and cultural studies, to name a few. -ones. While for other disciplines, there is a more singular approach; for a political science graduate, undertaking research and teaching work ranging from philosophy to postcolonial studies is seen as rather organic.
An understanding of social structures from the point of view of the exercise of power as well as distribution gives a chance to make prestigious careers in diplomacy and international relations. The two sub-disciplines, namely public administration and international relations, open up a wide range of possibilities to become administrators, negotiators, heads of organizations working on similar themes, etc.
Additionally, for students considering more imaginative career options regarding building communities like NGOs as well as various social media job opportunities, which are likely to multiply in the coming years, a science degree policies proves to be a source of knowledge and application. With the discipline’s dynamic approach, a political science graduate is expected to have learned not only the ideas of how the state works, but also how the market works and changes character, how individuals, families react and are expected to behave in changing circumstances, thus making it equipped to apply this knowledge to whatever is chosen as a career prospect.
Ultimately, a student choosing a humanities course, especially in a state like Bihar, is never far from seeking to contribute to society by becoming a public servant.
(The author is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Ramjas College, University of Delhi)

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