Voters want political stability, says Wee


JOHOR BARU: The distribution of seats among the parties composing the Barisan Nasional should be announced a day or two before the nomination, said MCA President Datuk Seri, Dr Wee Ka Siong (Photo).

He said discussions were still ongoing to find the best formula for allocating seats.

“What has been discussed should not be exposed and what has not yet been finalized should not be informed.

“We are not claiming seats through the media, which will only lead to squabbles,” he said at a press conference after the launch of Stage Bus System Transformation (SBST) known as MyBas name by Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Hasni Mohammad here yesterday.

Dr. Wee, who is Minister of Transport, said the focus of Johor’s elections should be on the needs of the people, that the government could bring political stability and prosperity to the state.

“What the people expect from national elections should be of the utmost importance.

“Without political stability, the government cannot carry out projects that benefit the people because it will be distracted by issues that have nothing to do with the people,” he said.

When asked if there was a change in sentiment among the Chinese community towards MCA and Barisan compared to the last general election, Dr Wee, who is the MP for Ayer Hitam, said that this that he thought was not important.

“What people want is important. I’m more pragmatic and I don’t want to make predictions. Even if we feel a difference, we still have to be careful,” he added.

Dr. Wee also reminded MCA members that they must continue to work hard and do their best so that the people can judge which party is more qualified.

Regarding the standard operating procedure (SOP) announced by the Elections Commission for state polls, Dr. Wee urged all political parties to adhere to it.

“There are many improvements in the SOP for the Johor election compared to the Melaka election,” he added.

“We can still do our campaign and our ceramah even though the SOP limits it to a maximum of 100 people, and do house-to-house visits.”

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