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SAN ANTONIO – Early voting is fast approaching and there are competitive elections all over Texas. Professor Jon Taylor, Professor of Political Science and Head of UTSA’s Department of Political Science and Geography, joined Leading SA to dive into the details of the election.

Professor Taylor shared his views on the Governor’s race and the potential outcome.

“The public poll suggests that Beto O’Rourke is down to Governor Abbott by anywhere between 4 to 7 points. I strongly suspect that the internal polling for the Abbott campaign in particular probably tells him something different. Why? Because of all the negative publicity we see everywhere on TV, radio and elsewhere, that tells you that his internal poll probably indicates that this race is much closer. Beto O’Rourke is definitely campaigning like it’s a lot closer. And so it’s fascinating because the difference between the two, Abbott doesn’t make a lot of campaign appearances better, of course, it’s the barnstorming of the state of Texas,” Professor Taylor said.

Professor Taylor said there were notable differences in campaign strategies regarding the gubernatorial race.

“Abbott pushed the issue of property tax reform, the impact of inflation and its impact on people. And it’s quite fascinating to see how they advertise, because you see where O’Rourke is going with the issues that are going to affect young voters, women, people of color. On the other hand, you have Abbott’s ads that are more about economic development, maintaining where he is where he’s been and where he wants to take the state,” Professor Taylor said.

It’s not just the governor on the ballot, however. Professor Taylor discussed additional races, both state and local.

The Lieutenant Governor race between Mike Collier and Lieutenant Governor Patrick, the Attorney General race between Attorney General Paxton and Garcia. You also have some fascinating races locally, for the county judge, House District 118, the Bexar County prosecutor’s race. And so across the ballot there are a number of fun races to watch that are relatively close or we think they may be relatively close and will certainly be, I think, at least compelling to voters in less than, well, eight days from now when early voting begins,’ Prof Taylor said.

Crime and inflation are at the top of the minds of so many families across the country and here in Texas.

“You know, it’s not a good year for Democrats nationally, and it tends to have an effect on the balloting of two state races, which is why Democrats across the state of Texas are fighting a somewhat difficult battle. That said, can they overcome the crosswinds, you know, the headwinds that take place? Maybe Beto O’Rourke suggests they can. The problem is that the way the Democrats are currently positioned in the state House and the state Senate, it will be a bit difficult for them to control one or two chambers after November, ”Prof Taylor said.

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