UNBC political science lecturer says economic recovery should be at the center of federal election



Issues like the economy, including inflation, should be a priority for all party leaders as the federal election approaches.

That’s according to Jason Morris, professor of political science at UNBC.

In an interview with Vista Radio, Morris admitted that he does not buy into the theory that the only reason Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau called for this vote was to get a majority government for the second time.

“I don’t even know if the explanation sounds so strong given that they have had the support of the NDP all along. Sometimes governments get a little conceited or arrogant and want to get things done even bigger or faster. “

In 2015, Trudeau and the Liberals won a decisive victory by winning 184 seats. However, the party was only able to claim a minority two years ago.

Morris also looked at what Opposition Leader and Conservative Erin O’Toole must do to secure a victory and prevent a third term for the Liberals in the House of Commons.

“They need to hammer home the economy and show that the Liberals are not good stewards essentially coming out of a pandemic recession, leading to a Canada restored to economic growth.”

“The challenge here for the Conservatives would be to make inroads into Ontario and that is really hard to determine, even just by provincial polls. Provincial polls in Ontario are nationwide and you really need to have access to riding-by-riding surveys, especially for the Toronto area.

Other party leaders vying for the Prime Minister’s presidency include Yves-François Blanchet (Bloc Québécois), NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Annamie Paul (Green Party of Canada).

Morris is also uncertain about what kind of impact the mail-in ballots will have, as they didn’t do much damage in the last election in British Columbia in October.

“If everyone who was going to vote in person decided to vote by mail, it shouldn’t make any difference because their votes are counted and counted in a different way. I would be concerned about mail-in ballots affecting voter turnout – hopefully that would increase voter turnout. “

The Elections Canada website says that you must apply to vote by mail, which you can do online or by visiting an Elections Canada office, and your application must reach them by September 14.

In Cariboo-Prince George, Todd Doherty is for the Conservatives, Audrey Mckinnon is for the NDP and Jeremy Gustafson for the PPC.

As for the riding of Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, Bob Zimmer is running for the Conservatives and Cory Longley is running for the NDP.

Finally, in the Skeena-Bulkley Valley, Claire Rattee (Ratay) is running for the Conservatives, Taylor Bachrach for the NDP, Adeana Young for the Greens and Jody Craven for the PPC).

The 44th federal general election is set for September 20.

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