Turkish daily criticizes opposition efforts to change political system


February 14, 2022 4:52 p.m. (UTC+04:00)


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Turkish daily Yeni Shafak criticized opposition efforts to change the country’s presidential system of government to a parliamentary one.

Those who want to strengthen the role of parliament should stay away from issues such as coup d’etat, memorandum, corruption, threats, blackmail and usurpation of the will of deputies. Parliament would then be very powerful, according to the newspaper.

The article highlighted the importance of empowering the verb in the face of weakness and counterattack. Turkey adopted the presidential system of government following a constitutional amendment that came into force by popular vote in 2017. Following elections in June 2018, the first government of the new system was formed.

Opposing the constitutional amendment in parliament, the opposition led by the Republican People’s Party (CHP) urged the people to vote “No”. However, a “Yes” vote was cast and the change was implemented. The opposition, led by the CHP, was unable to digest the constitutional amendment and immediately began looking for a way back.

The “reinforced parliamentary system” was the concept they invented for the return. Because Turkey has been challenged by the parliamentary system many times, the opposition has tried to replace the term with “strengthened parliamentary system” to avoid rekindling bad memories.

Throughout its history, the Turkish parliament has been the subject of serious attacks. There has always been a group that cannot digest the will of the nation, since the elections of 1950. With the coup d’etat of 1960, this group carried out the first attack on parliament.

Following the 1961 elections, they threatened the presidential candidate if he was elected by the deputies and showed him his grave in the cemetery.

Despite election intrigue in 1965, Justice Party leader Suleyman Demirel won a large majority in parliament, but the party was not allowed to elect a president. The day before, the chief of staff, who had retired the day before, was elected president with the so-called free will of parliament.

Demirel, who won a landslide victory in the 1969 elections, had to leave office in 1971. Parliament, which gained its supposed freedom after Demirel’s departure, declared Nihat Erim (who left the CHP voluntarily ) Prime Minister. . In 1973, as Parliament chose the President, fighter jets put on cheerful displays above the Parliament building.

Demirel, who won a landslide victory in the 1969 elections, was forced to resign in 1971. The parliament, which would have won his freedom after Demirel’s departure, appointed Prime Minister Nihat Erim (who left the CHP from his voluntarily). When parliament elected the president in 1973, warplanes happily flew over the parliament building.

As supporters of the “strengthened parliament” system today, the CHP refused to allow parliament to elect the president in 2007 and instead went to squares to lay the groundwork for the coup.

Those who claim to strengthen parliament do not need to work to exhaustion. They just have to make a promise. What were the factors that weakened Parliament in the past… Let them promise not to raise issues like coup, memorandum, corruption, threats, blackmail, etc.

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