The UK economic and political system in chaos – First Move with Julia Chatterley



Britain’s Economic and Political System in Chaos – First Move with Julia Chatterley – Podcast on CNN Audio

10 p.m. ET: DOJ appeals for special master, student debt relief, return of astronauts and more

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Sat 15 Oct

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The British economic and political system in chaos

First steps with Julia Chatterley

October 14, 2022

Today’s action-packed show brings you live from the International Monetary Fund meeting in New York, which was abuzz with the news that British Prime Minister Liz Truss had just fired Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng and to replace him with Jeremy Hunt. Truss also revealed that she was abandoning plans to reverse a business tax hike, a move that would save £18bn ($20bn), after an uprising by investors and members of his own Conservative party worried about the impact of skyrocketing government borrowing at a time of decades of high inflation.

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