“The Taliban must establish an inclusive political system”


ISLAMABAD: Speakers in a webinar on the Afghan situation called for an inclusive Afghan government, as policies of exclusion and intolerance will only further destabilize the country

Speaking to a webinar on “Developments in Afghanistan” hosted here by the Institute of Strategic Studies. Dr Abdullah Anas, Algerian scholar and author, said that happiness through military victory is not permanent, because real victory is political victory.

Dr Anas said that before the international recognition of the Taliban, we must resolve the issue of a political solution inside Afghanistan. History is a witness that the policies of exclusion and intolerance did not last long. “The Taliban must learn from this and be forced to shape Afghanistan’s future political system,” he added.

Dr Adam Weinstein from the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, USA, said the ideal situation would have been the formation of an inclusive organization in Afghanistan and if there had been some form of transition instead of the current uncertainty . He said the previous government in Kabul was mired in strategic incompetence, which pursued its own short-sighted political gains and, as a result, the Afghans suffered.

He said the recent “Sanction Pakistan” effort was a laughable proposition because it did not solve any US problems related to Afghanistan. Here, he added that although Pakistan does not have full influence over the Taliban, it is in Islamabad’s interest to work with the Taliban government and form an inclusive government.

Dr Daud Abdullah, director of Middle East Monitor (MEMO), said the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan has always been seen as an affront to what it means to be an Afghan. The reaction we saw following the invasion was predictable for a country that was never colonized. It had long been recognized that the war in Afghanistan was impossible to win.

Dr Tamim Asey, founder and executive chairman of the Institute for War and Peace Studies in Kabul, said no group can rule Afghanistan and no takeover will survive in Afghanistan. He stressed that wars are a costly undertaking and that the resources to facilitate the war in Afghanistan should be questioned and concluded that it is too early to say that the Taliban takeover is a military victory since the fighting are still in progress. He advised the Taliban to accept the diversity of Afghanistan. The way to win the peace is to form an inclusive and broad-based government.

Earlier, in his welcoming remarks, ISS chief Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said that the end of any occupation is an inevitable reality and must be approved. He believed that the Taliban could achieve political stability in Afghanistan, provided they form an inclusive configuration, honor their commitments and adopt a more moderate stance.

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