The Customs Union calls for political stability


The Sri Lankan Customs Union yesterday called on the government to ensure political stability, while insisting that the suppression of peaceful protests and the right to freedom of expression will tarnish the country’s image on the international stage.

“If the current situation prevails longer without a solution, we observe that it will create uncertainty about the future, which will have an impact on trade and complete economic peril. Thus, implementing a sustainable economic recovery plan , while ensuring political stability, is essential,” they said.

They also claimed that the dire economic conditions facing the population are a reflection of the government’s short-sighted economic and fiscal policies.

“Foreseeing the current economic situation, we as an organization presented a reasonable proposal to the President and the former Minister of Finance and former Secretary to the President. But our recommendations were thrown in the trash without even taking a look by the former secretary to the president,” they pointed out.

They said it was not just their proposals, but that many such proposals put forward by several of these associations had been ignored by successive governments over the past two decades.

The Customs Officers Union said the economists behind these decisions should be held accountable for the current state of the economy.

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