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At Taylor, our spiritual lives are not limited to a few chapel hours a week or Sunday morning church. As a non-denominational liberal arts university, our belief in Jesus and our commitment to follow him is part of everything we do. Our faith in Christ not only determines the choices and decisions we make as individuals, it also determines how we live together. From participating in service projects to sharing daily meals to running classes, our faith is at the forefront.

A common base

As a member of the Taylor community, you will discover the foundation on which we are built: a common belief and commitment to Jesus Christ. Spiritual life at Taylor is really just the life, the ups and downs of living a common faith and purpose. Day after day, you will experience a community that seeks to build itself and to take responsibility by sharing our faith, our values ​​and our ideals.

Because every member of the community — your peers, teachers, housekeepers, dining room staff, etc. — has professed a relationship with Christ, there is a general belief that everyone strives to know God better each time. day. It gives students and teachers the audacity to reach out and challenge one another, to sharpen those around them like “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17).

It happens in the classroom, where faith is built in, whether or not it is a Bible class. This happens in the Dining Commons, where conversations flow seamlessly, from trivial questions to questions of identity formation. This happens on athletic fields, where coaches encourage athletes to compete for more than the corruptible crown of this world (1 Corinthians 9:25). And it happens in campus activities, chapel services and campus ministries, as well as academic and missionary trips.

Service-centric learning

With over 60 specializations in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social studies – and a core curriculum that ensures all students develop a broad knowledge base – Taylor exists to prepare you to reach the world for Christ, using all the gifts and passions. God gave you. This means that most of our programs give you hands-on experience outside of the classroom that allows you to make a difference.

Taylor partners with a variety of businesses and organizations, and you can help them. Whether you serve cardiac rehabilitation patients as part of an exercise science class or build a financial campaign as part of a business class, you will develop your skills through service in a real-world environment.

But, service learning is not limited to academics. Through our wide variety of local and global mission programs, we hope to develop enthusiastic servant leaders to share the love and truth of Christ with the global community. Whether it is volunteering as a small group leader for local primary school children or evangelizing on the streets of India, our students are reaching out to those in need and, to their turn, change forever.


Our students and teachers seek to encourage and challenge one another in their faith through a process called discipleship. Discipleship is a conscious choice made by our students to partner with other believers and achieve the incorruptible crown which we will ultimately lay at the feet of Jesus (Revelation 4: 10-11). This process of spiritual formation enables us to hold each other responsible and devote our entire lives to the company of the Triune God. We are asked to observe and live according to the words spoken by Jesus in Luke 10: 25-27 to love God and love others.

To promote discipleship, student leaders and special programs within our residences are specifically designated to help develop, encourage and support spiritual growth. Discipleship Assistants work alongside our Residence Directors and Assistant Hall Directors to nurture and strengthen student faith through small groups, wing and hall worship services, and other activities that revolve around the world. ‘engage in spiritual formation.

Training assistants (AD)

Disciple-making assistants (DAs) are an integral part of residential life with the goal of fostering discipleship-forming relationships through spiritual training opportunities in order to grow as a Christian community. The hope would be that everyone would be welcome to live together in the residences. Disciple-making assistants work with staff assistants (PAs) to build and maintain a healthy Christian community in the wing / floor by being consistently present in their physical, spiritual, emotional, relational and mental responsibilities.

Small groups

Organized for students by their wing or floor discipleship assistant, these groups encourage students to open up to, support and pray for one another, as well as to each other. hold each other responsible in their paths of faith. Small groups spend time praying, doing Bible studies and devotions, serving together, and spending time talking about life.

Read the Small Group Leader Handbook to learn more about leading a small group at Taylor.


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