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NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi with announcing political stability in the country and putting the interests of the poor at the center of policy making.

Stating that Modi is the most successful prime minister, Shah, in a speech at a conclave to deliberate on the prime minister’s 20 years of public service, said the gross domestic product (GDP) seen in statistics previously had been given a human face by his government NDA. .

Claiming that the multi-party democratic system was seen as broken in 2014 when the “nation was grappling with political paralysis,” Shah said the people had convincingly supported Modi based on his track record as the chief minister of the government. Gujarat.

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BJP-affiliated think tank Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, led by former Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, is holding the conclave with a cross-section of politicians, former bureaucrats, diplomats and economists.

Referring to an earlier remark, Shah said he was sticking to the statement that the development of the country cannot take place with an army of illiterates, while citing school enrollment in Gujarat during the tenure of Modi as CM to present the efforts to improve the reach of education in the state. “I was trolled for the statement, but I stand by my remarks,” he added.

The interior minister said the UPA waiver has led the country to a state of political paralysis as well as popular disenchantment with the political class. The people have trusted Modi since he gave birth in Gujarat. Welcoming the prime minister’s decisive leadership, Shah referred to the decisions to repeal Articles 370 and 35A and said the dual agenda had lasted for decades until the Center took decisive action after 2019.

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