Seven Things to Consider Before Planning a Political Science Major


In Pakistan, when you don’t get anything to study, you choose political science. Most students don’t even know what this major is about and what they will learn from it. This reduced the value of this diploma. Usually, a subject is evaluated on the basis of the quality of its graduates. But when students enroll just to get a diploma label, you don’t find quality.

However, political science is a broad subject that can make you an intellectual and a social scientist if you study it as you should. Here are some things to consider before choosing a political science major.

It doesn’t have to be your last choice

With the improvement of the education system, political science is no longer a subject that can be transmitted without studying anything. It is a philosophical and very theoretical subject which asks you to put all your interest into it. You are going to have to study books, long reads, do your critical analysis and many other things. In such a case, if you don’t know anything about it, you might get stuck in the middle of the degree.

Reading habits

You must have good reading habits to choose political science. Like any other social science subject, you have to read a lot to be perfect. In terms of reading, if we compare pure science subjects and social science subjects, the latter are more difficult. As with science subjects, there is not just a confined program in which you must be good. Instead, there are millions and millions of books. The more you read, the less it is. So don’t choose it if you can’t do that hard work.

Future job prospects

Look at future prospects before choosing a major. In the case of political science, you have to put in a lot of effort after graduation to get a job. Well, there are plenty of job opportunities available to you. From administrative jobs in public sectors to lecturer positions, sociologist positions in national and international institutes and universities, you can work anywhere according to your interests.

An interest in philosophy

Usually, this major doesn’t sound like philosophy. But political science is more about philosophy than Pakistani studies as people think. So, if you choose it after fleeing philosophy, know that these are two closely related subjects. I suggest you look at all the modules you are going to study there before making a decision.

You must have insight into the political and social dynamics

You can’t just rely on grades and a few readings if you’re a political science student. You need to be actively involved in the political dynamics around you and have a point of view about it. Also, it is not necessary but suggested to be part of the social activities that can make you a better analyst. Join study circles, book discussions, and public debates.

An interest in writing analytical presentations

Writing analytical work and delivering quality presentations requires strong analytical and writing skills. Not only will you need these skills in assignments and presentations, but also at thesis time. Your thesis defines the quality of your work and how well you learned the basics for your degree. So you will have to devote all your efforts to it.

Be prepared for class debates

In most universities, debates occupy an important place in the courses of the political science department. So if you think you can get away with it without having to give feedback, you’re wrong.

In conclusion, you cannot take a degree for granted as the attitude of most students is in Pakistan. Political science is a big subject that requires your intellectual abilities. So, be sure to choose it before considering these facts.

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