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MOSCOW, October 12. / TASS /. Russia’s political system is developing and offering proactive people the opportunity to become politicians at the federal level, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday in a meeting with lawmakers from the new State Duma, or lower house of parliament. .

“Russia’s political system is developing to meet the changing demands of society. It empowers proactive and highly motivated people to become politicians at the federal level,” he said.

He noted that many newly elected lawmakers “have been to the State Duma for many summons.” “It is important for the success of the drafting of laws, of legislative work, of the development of the best parliamentary traditions,” he added.

At the same time, in his own words, the composition of the parliament has been significantly renewed, with 218 deputies out of 450 elected for the first time.

“This vector of renovation has been set by the United Russia party. In its faction, which has retained the constitutional majority of 48.5%, nearly half of the legislators are newly elected,” Putin said.

He appreciated the rapid and coordinated preparation of the first meeting of the State Duma of the eighth convocation, which took place on Tuesday morning. “Virtually all of the key organizational issues have been settled today, with factions, committees and commissions being registered, their presidents and State Duma presidents being elected. Now is the time to start working on the legislative agenda, ”he said and congratulated lawmakers on the start of their work in the new State Duma.

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