Ruling alliance promises political stability and progress



The main leaders of the ruling coalition have called on the public to vote for their candidates in the federal and provincial elections next month. They promised to protect the constitution and bring stability and prosperity to the country.

In a joint appeal on Tuesday, the leaders – Nepali Prime Minister and Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba, Maoist Center Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and CPN (Unified Socialist) leader Madhav Kumar Nepal – said the coalition government was determined to organize the elections. in a free and fair manner and continue their partnership also after the elections.

“In a situation where the threat of an authoritarian assault on the federal democratic republic is ever present, so long as there is a threat of regression on the constitution, the logic of alliance will remain,” the appeal said.

The Rastriya Janamorcha is missing from the call.

As provided by the constitution, the current democratic alliance is committed to strengthening nationalism, competitive multi-party democracy, socialism, human rights, periodic elections, the principle of separation of powers and the system of federal democratic republican governance, the leaders said in the call. .

The leaders also announced their intention to hold joint mass rallies in the seven provinces.

The parties joined forces in the May local elections and also continued their alliance for the November 20 elections.

“In order to lead the country on the path of economic prosperity, the coalition party will give high priority to the national task of building a self-sufficient economy by ensuring good governance with zero tolerance for corruption and efficient service at the doorstep. of citizens, increasing production and creating enough job opportunities in the country,” the joint appeal reads, highlighting the priority of the next government.

Increasing industrial and agricultural production in the country and creating businesses, self-employment and employment opportunities in the country for millions of young people leaving the country will be the highest priority of the alliance, they said in the call.

“The modernization of agriculture, the increase in production and marketing, the development of infrastructure and the promotion of tourism, rapid industrialization, the substitution of exports, the promotion of exports to reduce the trade deficit and the development of areas like hydropower, which have comparative advantage and abundant potential in Nepal, are the current needs.. For this, the coalition government will adopt a policy to attract foreign investment for the benefit of the country by increasing private, cooperative and public investments.

The call further added that the alliance will prioritize the country’s political and economic stability, strengthen transport infrastructure and information technology, among others.

“The future coalition government will act with a clear vision and action plan. No Nepalese will be deprived of basic education and health opportunities due to financial shortage. Coalition parties pledged to significantly improve the availability and quality of services by increasing investment in the education and health sectors.

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