Reorganize Political System By Driving Out Corrupt Politicians, Kejriwal Says | Goa News

Margao: Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi national PAA and CM official, urged Goans to reorganize the entire political system by driving out the corrupt and electing an honest government.
“The next elections will be a revolution. We have to make a change. We need to change all of these leaders, ministers and chief ministers, as well as the old parties. It is time for honest government. From now on, the power will be directly in the hands of the people of Goa, ”said Kejriwal.
When Health Minister Vishwajit Rane announced that he would challenge his father Pratapsing Rane and beat him, Kejriwal said: “The state of Goa is in the throes of power madness. A son eager to be able to challenge his father for a contest! Prabhu Shri Ram went into exile for 14 years at his father’s request. This is what our Hindu religion teaches us. Vishwajit Rane should be ashamed of his decision.
“I don’t understand the politics and the politics of Goa, I don’t understand at all. There is a minister in the BJP government who is trapped in a sex scandal and had to resign recently. There is a minister who was involved in scams on ventilators and oxygen around the time of the pandemic. A minister was charged with fraud in the electricity sector and another minister was charged with fraud at work. Another minister receives bribes for government jobs. A minister is also accused of garbage fraud, ”he said. He said the key to changing the political system lies with the people of Goa.
In a press note, AAP President Rahul Mhambre criticized Chief Minister Pramod Sawant over complaints of inflated water bills. “It proves that he can’t even copy Kejriwal properly,” he said.

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