RCE calls for political stability in the country


The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka, in a statement, urges the government to stabilize the country’s crumbling political system and economy by heeding the voice of the people. Sri Lanka is currently facing the worst political instability and economic crisis and the recent public upheaval and the seizure of the Presidents House and the Temple Trees clearly indicate the weakness of the ruling parties to address the damaging issues that paralyze the country.

Pressure on the President and Prime Minister has intensified with the country’s socio-economic collapse. Managing the currency shortage as soon as possible and restoring the supply of goods and services has become the priority. In order to provide solutions, the newly appointed Prime Minister has started crucial talks with the International Monetary Fund for a bailout package and with the World Food Program to prepare for an impending food crisis.

IMF officials said they were closely monitoring ongoing developments in Sri Lanka and hoped for a quick resolution of the current situation to allow for the resumption of dialogue between the IMF and the Sri Lankan government. Yet the nature of the incidents now unfolding indicates that the much-anticipated IMF bailout will be delayed, deepening the crisis. It is therefore the supreme duty of all political parties to stop the situation and stabilize the country.

The RCE strongly suggests that, leaving aside all political indifference, the government should introduce prudential policies and, if necessary, draw inspiration from industry best practices followed around the world to lift the crumbling economy. In doing so, the current situation of the country must be controlled in order to obtain the planned support from the IMF and any other economically sound nation.

The supply of essential products, mainly fuel oil and domestic gas, must be stabilized. Most importantly, the government must ensure that the whole system is revived, supported and strengthened in a short period of time to ensure that important functions are carried out without any interruption, including customs, ports and public transport. , etc.

The economic crisis needs quick remedies to avoid a catastrophe.

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