Rajasthan Board’s 12th Political Science Examination Asked 6 Questions Praising Congress


The Rajasthan Board’s 12th Class Political Science Examination held on Thursday featured up to six questions related to Congress – the current ruling party in the state. Most of the questions related to the achievements of the political party. It is unusual for a political science quiz to ask questions that are slanted toward a political party. It would also be the first time there have been so many questions about the state’s ruling party in state board exams.

“Who gave the slogan of Gareebi hatao?”, “Describe the social and intellectual alliances of the congress”, “How many seats did the congress win in the 1984 elections?”, “Which political party dominated the three first general elections?”, “1971 general election turned out to be an election for the restoration of Congress. Explain this statement,” among others.

There was also a question related to the bifurcation of the Communist Party, and another on the BSP.

Academics think it’s okay to ask about Congress given that there’s a chapter on “The Domination of a Political Party and a Congress System: Challenges and Establishment” in the science books class 12 politicians of the Rajasthan Board, however, the tone of the questions praising a certain party has raised eyebrows.

Earlier this year, during the CBSE board exams, a question asked students to name the ruling party in Gujarat at the time of the 2002 riots. The question was later struck from the exams and grades were awarded to all students. While there is no official statement from RBSE on this, if these questions are found to be wrong, students will be compensated, as per the rules.

Every year more than 9 lakh students take the Rajasthan Board class 10 exams. Examinations which started in March will end soon and the results of the 12th RBSE panel are expected to be announced in May. Last year, in the 12th examinations of the Rajasthan Board, no less than 91.96% of the students passed in science, 94.49% in commerce and 90.70% in arts.

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