Prashant Kishor on Nitish Kumar’s U-turn


Hope political stability returns to Bihar now: Prashant Kishor on Nitish Kumar’s U-turn | PTI

Following Nitish Kumar’s announcement that he will be leaving the NDA and working with the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) again, polls analyst Prashant Kishor told ANI: “I hope political stability will come back to Bihar now. Nitish Kumar said he is starting a new chapter. I hope he will fulfill the aspirations of the people of Bihar.

“I see what is happening now against the background of the era of political instability in Bihar. Since 2013-14, this is the 6th attempt to form a government in Bihar. political or administrative expectations are not met,” he said. .

This era of political instability has lasted for 10 years, and it is in this direction. Nitish Kumar is the main actor, the catalyst… As a citizen of Bihar, you can only expect him to stand firm on the formation he has now built: Prashant Kishor noted

“The people of Bihar will expect this new formation (JD(U) and RJD) to last, and its priorities must be in line with people’s aspirations. What needs to be seen is whether or not no, the new government will work better than the previous government,” Prashant Kishor said when asked if he sees the new alliance lasting.

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