Political system has failed to improve the lives of Jamaicans, says Phillips – Jamaica Observer


MP for St Andrew East Central and former Leader of the Opposition Dr Peter Phillips

Member St Andrew East Central MP and former Leader of the Opposition Dr Peter Phillips says the standard of living for the average Jamaican has not been substantially and fundamentally transformed despite the efforts of administrations over the past 40 years.

Speaking during the state of the constituency debate in the Lower House yesterday, Dr Phillips said Jamaica’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita was where it was 40 years ago and performance school had not changed significantly.

“The truth is that this failure of Jamaica to grow economically and significantly improve the quality of life of our citizens is a grave accusation against all of us and the political system in particular,” Dr Phillips said.

He said the “tribalist” nature of Jamaican politics has led parties to blame each other for all failures in politics and development and to claim all virtues for themselves.

Dr Phillips said that over the past 40 years there have been some improvements in the preservation of democracy, the strengthening of individual rights, the rule of law and Jamaica’s cultural identity. He, however, lamented that the whole system has excelled neither in economic growth and well-being nor in social and educational transformation and that Jamaica’s peers in the Caribbean have overtaken us as a nation. .

According to Dr. Phillips, a non-partisan approach to people’s affairs is necessary to move the country forward. He said there should be no winners or losers in parliamentary discourse. The only winners should be the Jamaican people.

He added that a non-partisan approach to the debates would be helpful in developing vital initiatives to tackle crime, resolve the current housing dilemma, head off concerns such as the National Housing Trust Ruthven Road issue and deal with the crisis. education.

“Jamaica has clearly moved beyond the version of parliamentary democracy that was implemented in 1962. The results of this system have been mixed at best. The country can do better,” he said.

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