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Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi described political stability and social security for the people as major factors necessary for a prosperous united Nigeria.

Yahaya said this when delivering her message of goodwill during the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation policy dialogue on “Democracy and State Unity” held in Abuja on Friday.

He said that politics and leadership in Nigeria must be transformed into a service that guarantees the improvement of the quality of life despite social status, while essential goods and services are made affordable for the masses.
For democracy to thrive, the governor also stressed the need for Nigerians to focus more on how to make democracy work as a united entity rather than a nation that divides.

“Unity is the first assumption on which democracy rests in any state that has chosen it as a form of government.

“This is because in a functioning democracy, the people, despite their diversity of ideology, faith, tribe and politics, must always unite as a majority for most things to happen in society, including including leadership. “

He worried, however, that Nigerian democracy still remains “shaky and shaky like a child still learning to walk”, 22 years after the start of the country’s 4th Republic.

“Therefore, we hardly speak with a united voice on anything as a nation. This state of affairs makes me believe that we need more democracy, not less.

“Of course, by ‘more democracy’ I mean the real essence and practice of democracy, that pure marriage of consensus that dominates the global public good rather than any sectional or parochial interest.

“With the above in mind, I say that how to make Nigerian democracy work for us as a factor of unity rather than a measure of division into which we have transformed it is the most urgent need. season, especially as the gladiators begin to take a stand for 2023.

“I declare that ‘One Nigeria’ must quickly mean more than it currently has to the average citizen, otherwise we risk losing more than we anticipated – as leaders and those in charge,” he said. he declared.

He said that a united Nigeria is not a country where everyone is held together by force or fear, but a nation which guarantees security, unity and peace to all citizens.

“It must be fair and allow everyone to flourish on their own merits.

“Tribe, religion and class should not be used to discriminate or marginalize anyone and civic education should encourage cooperation and inclusion as a cardinal principle of citizenship.

“We need to start substituting place of residence for the state of origin and find ways to immediately and brutally punish corruption in the private and public spheres,” he said.

According to him, our policy and our leadership must be transformed into a service which guarantees a high quality of life despite social status, while essential goods and services are affordable.

“Our local labor markets must provide jobs for people at their level of learning, skills and experience.

“The nation must have economic stability and be a family-friendly place where parents can properly raise the next generation.

“We will demand equal income, especially between genders. A united Nigeria will prosper through political stability and social security.

“It also goes without saying that the quality of the public education system and that of the public health system must be high.

“Both must offer free to affordable services. Only then will people belong because they want to, not because they have to, ”he said.

Bello said his leadership in Kogi has been to achieve such ideals since he took the reins of power in the state.

“Kogi is the emerging paradigm of cooperation and integration as the basis for citizen coexistence instead of the previous divisive-rule tactics that failed politicians have harmed citizens in our past.

“This is a paradigm that we hope to expand and export to Nigerian society as a whole as we walk into the future while building an increasingly peaceful and prosperous Nigerian society.

“Nigeria is the trigger for Africa and if Africa is to free itself from neocolonialism, Nigeria must rise up and take its place as leader on the continent,” he said. (NOPE)

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