Political stability should attract FDI in DB



The German envoy says

German Ambassador to Bangladesh Achim Tröster said on Thursday, like some other European Union (EU) countries, that Germany is also concerned about the recent political violence in Bangladesh.

Stressing political stability, he said ensuring a conducive business environment is essential to attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) here, and holding free and fair elections is crucial to ensuring a stable democracy.

“We are convinced that free and fair elections are a contributing factor to stability,” Tröster noted at the launch of the German Business Council in the city.

Well-functioning democracy is linked to free and fair elections, and every citizen has the right to vote freely and fairly to choose the government, he added.

“Other systems may be stable, but the democratic system is freer.”

The Ambassador mentioned that a stable business environment is necessary to attract FDI as no one likes to make risky investments.

Along with other EU countries, Germany has also expressed concern over the political violence that has taken place in Bangladesh over the past two weeks.

Urging those “with influence” to call on their supporters to refrain from violence, Tröster said violence would not guarantee the well-being of the people of Bangladesh.

No one should see political opposition as enemies, he said, adding: “You know what I mean.”

It is worth mentioning that Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen two days ago urged foreign diplomats to refrain from commenting on the internal affairs of Bangladesh.

The minister also urged the media not to ask foreign envoys about internal affairs.

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