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KOLKATA: Former President Pranab Mukherjee believed that political stability is essential for the country’s economic growth and said he was happy that after 30 years only one political party had obtained a majority in 2014.
“I don’t care which party got the majority, but I’m happy. It brought stability,” Mukherjee said. He was speaking at the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday on the country’s economic growth prospects.
Mukherjee said that between 1989 and 1999 the country witnessed five Lok Sabha polls instead of the usual two LS polls. “People didn’t like this instability. These frequent changes were hated by voters because there was a weak government and for which a change was mandatory.”
“In 2014, more than 80 million people voted for a stable government, as parliamentary experts considered making constitutional amendments to bring stability.”
Mukherjee said he claimed that between 2004 and 2014 there were only two LS polls because there was the confidence of the people.
“In the federal government system, there should be close cooperation between the state and the center. What Raju Khandelwal (President of the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce) said in this regard is correct. Cooperation cannot only exist in theory as our federal government has 29 constituent state units.
The former president said the country should focus on agriculture for economic growth and feed the gigantic 132 crore population. And at the same time should strengthen the skills of the younger generation. “The 48% of India’s population is now under 40, so we need to upgrade their skills to translate their employable skills into GDP growth. ”
Mukherjee recalled how he had to cope with a difficult situation as Union Finance Minister in 2009, when the global recession was at its height and for which the G-20 was formed.
He also urged to develop an appropriate policy to eradicate poverty, unemployment and hunger, because after 70 years of independence with three generations born in free India, people have a limit in their patience. “There should be proper wording with effective implementation.”

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