POLITICAL STABILITY: Criticizing politicians is okay, but blaming them for everything is a simplistic approach. It is acceptable to look at every problem through the prism of economics, provided one is willing to account for the underlying social and political aspects. Economic and social stability leads to political stability; it’s not the other way around.

Shakeel Nizamani
Calgary, Canada

BAD COMPARISON: This is in reference to the editorial “False Equivalence” (July 29) which, among other things, contained the remarks “…political leaders, even corrupt…”, which amounts to admitting that the threat of corruption is a fact. It was even worse to mention a particular politician and call him “maybe the future prime minister”. With a full year left before the next election, such a phrase is professionally irresponsible.

Fayyaz Warraich

ANGER OF THE RAINS: The prolonged monsoon caused large-scale destruction across the country. Many roads are still submerged in water and have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, bacteria and viruses. The physical, mental and even financial health of the masses is at stake, but the government and the opposition continue to play circuses in the name of politics, while the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is nowhere to be found. Is there anyone willing to look into the real and pressing issues?

Manzoor Ali

EXAM HELL: Just before the recent monsoon hit the country amid extremely hot weather, authorities found it possible to hold mass exams without attempting to make adjustments in exam halls. Students have been seen throwing up their guts and feeling dizzy during exams due to the heat and humidity which was made worse by the load shedding.

The welfare of students and staff should not be compromised by such apathy.

Hira Saleem

Posted in Dawn, August 8, 2022

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