Political stability is essential for the country now – Vidura


Minister of State for National Heritage, Performing Arts and Promotion of the Rural Arts, Vidura Wickramanayake, said on Saturday that there were suspicions of a conspiracy to overthrow the government, this which would also lead to a political imbalance in the country.

He said that if we are to overcome the economic crisis facing the country, it is essential to maintain political stability.

He said that a certain group of people have realized this and that as a first step towards instability in the country, an attempt is being made to create a context of political instability.

The Minister of State was speaking at a press conference in Kandy on Saturday.

He also said that within the alliances and fronts there are parties and groups with diverse opinions gathered. They all have their own ideologies. At the same time, they also have political activities.

As the main party, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna should have the capacity to bring all these party organizations and individuals together on behalf of the people and the country and continue this journey.

Without it, blaming each other, blaming each other, and pointing out the shortcomings of a trip will drag the country into anarchy.

We are in a crisis situation and that we are facing an economic crisis is no secret either. If a political crisis is forcibly created right now, what will happen to the country and its people.

He said political stability is a prerequisite if the country is to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. “The fertilizer problem has turned into a crisis. I also have a problem that gives advice on this issue. It was because of foolish decisions made by some people that Gazette notifications had to be canceled. This case of reversal began in the days of the rice problem. Once a decision is made, if the government tries to change or withdraw it, it becomes extremely difficult. There should be flexibility.

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