Political stability and a solid legal framework make Mauritius an ideal hub for investment in Africa



Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Mauritius Finance and Investment Week kicked off yesterday in Dubai with a session dedicated to exploring Mauritius as an investment hub in Africa; as government officials and financial experts gathered to explore the unique opportunity that Mauritius offers to investors, seeking to safely venture into the African continent.

The first day of the week-long business forum, held at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Centre, highlighted Mauritius’ political stability, strong regulatory framework, strong banking sector and various international trade agreements with world powers such as India and China, to illustrate credible opportunities. Mauritius presents itself as an investment gateway to Africa.

The forum began with an opening speech by Honorable Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance of the Republic of Mauritius. Referring to a recently published independent report, Minister Seeruttun said: “The Mauritius International Financial Center is a leading hub for trade, investment and capital raising in the African region, and a key driver quality direct investment on the continent. After India, Africa is Mauritius’ second investment destination, totaling $82 billion.

He added, “Africa is developing at a rapid pace and is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Its population is expected to double by 2050 and its middle class is expected to reach over a billion customers. For many investors around the world, this is an unprecedented opportunity to tap into a booming consumer market where their investments can find long-term value.

Congratulating Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for leading the way in these tumultuous times of crisis, Mr. Ken Poonoosamy, Commissioner General of the Mauritius Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai and Managing Director of the Economic Development Board of Mauritius, expressed a sense of hope and optimism, saying: “Like most countries, Mauritius is feeling the impact of this global pandemic, but such adversities can only strengthen our resolve to stay on the path of development, and Dubai is showing the way today.”

“Despite the current crisis, Dubai has managed to bring together 192 nations at Expo 2020 to partner, share ideas, network and show what the future will look like. A future where technology and innovation will take center stage , especially in banking and finance,” he added.

Mauritius’ role in Africa’s unprecedented growth

With significant investments needed to help achieve the US$350 billion target set by the African Union agenda and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Minister Seeruttun said wealth and Prosperity can only be created with more trade and investment activities facilitated by influential nations such as Mauritius.

During a presentation on investment opportunities in Mauritius, Mr. Vinay Guddye, Director of Global Outreach, Economic Development Board, Mauritius, said that as African nations engage in transformational processes, rates The continent’s unprecedented growth is driven by increased trade, investment and structural transformation.

“And with its political, social and economic stability, sound regulatory framework and ease of doing business, Mauritius offers certainty to investors as the appropriate jurisdiction when trying to mitigate risk in Africa,” he said. -he declares. “According to Moody’s credit rating, Mauritius is an investment grade country and alongside a strong hybrid legal system – made up of British common law and French civil law – Mauritius offers a solid entry into the African continent for businesses. .”

Mitigating Investment Challenges

During a panel comprised of representatives from the Economic Development Board of Mauritius and the Mauritius-based finance and business services sectors, discussions focused on private equity, business investments across Africa and private wealth.

And with improving governance across the continent, strong pent-up consumer demand, a growing middle class and growing demographics all playing a significant role in the vast investment opportunities emerging on the continent, experts have agreed that investing in Africa is not without challenges.

This is why Mauritius is well placed, as a nation, to play an important role in mediating and mitigating investment risks on a continent with enormous potential for capital absorption over the next decade.

Experts also discussed how Mauritius’ unique position also makes it a key player in uniting a fragmented African continent, from an investment perspective. Similarly, Singapore and Dubai have played this role for a fragmented Asia and Middle East respectively.

The Mauritius Finance & Investment Week takes place from 5and at 9and December at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Centre, following Mauritius’ participation in Expo 2020 Dubai. To see the detailed programs, please click here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lekftx8ixffzw9t/AACvrCRxoMvwT-SqleU7MHTja?dl=0

To register for a session, please email [email protected]

For more information on the Economic Development Board of Mauritius, please click here: https://www.edbmauritius.org/. Also, for more information on the Mauritius Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, please click here https://www.mauritiusdubaiexpo2020.com/


About the Mauritius Finance & Investment Week

The Mauritius Finance and Investment Week is an event organized by the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Mauritius, under the patronage of the Mauritian government. The event will take place from 5and at 9and December in Dubai and will bring together leaders from Mauritius’ finance and investment sectors, as well as industry experts, and in line with Mauritius’ participation in Expo 2020 Dubai.

About the Economic Development Board (EDB)

The Economic Development Board (EDB) marks a new beginning in the Mauritian economic landscape. It opens a new chapter in economic planning, investment, trade promotion and facilitation. The EDB commenced operations as a statutory body in January 2018 following the merger between the Board of Investment, Enterprise Mauritius and the Financial Services Promotion Agency. The overriding objective of the EDB is to ensure greater coherence and efficiency in policy implementation and to chart the vision of the economic development path to be adopted to achieve high-income economy status, through sustainable and inclusive growth, while ensuring economic independence.

The mandate of the EDB is, among others, to provide strong institutional support for strategic economic planning and to ensure greater coherence and efficiency in the formulation of economic policy; promote Mauritius as an attractive center for investment and business, a competitive export platform as well as an international financial center (IFC); act as the main institution responsible for branding the country’s image for investment promotion; and facilitating inward and outward investment and ensuring a conducive business environment.

About the Mauritius Pavilion

The Mauritius Pavilion is located in the Opportunity area of ​​Expo 2020 Dubai, close to Al Wasl Plaza. The pavilion takes visitors on an interactive journey to the tropical island paradise of Mauritius. The design includes floor projections and a textured seascape wall and forest, allowing visitors to explore the splendid nature of Mauritius. The predominant color of the pavilion is warm, bright and welcoming, reflecting Mauritian hospitality.

The Mauritian pavilion also invites visitors to discover the achievements of the country and how they are closely linked to its past – “The roots of the future”. Visitors will also explore Mauritius’ role in connecting the world to Africa.

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