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169 DU Masters in Political Science students alleged that their grade sheets contained erroneous grades.

The 12e September 2022, 169 students who did their graduate studies in political science at the University of Delhi were shocked when they received their grade sheets. Not only were the results surprisingly low, but many students also received a “fail” grade.

DU Beat has been approached by some of the students concerned who wish to bring their situation to light. “We are 169 Political Science Masters students whose papers were not properly vetted who knowingly received 5 GPAs in subjects just to give most students the second split regardless of their exam performance . Whatever the objective, a 5 CGPA is not justified because the students obtained good results in the internal examination. Whether the copies are checked or not, there is also a question mark. And because of this neglect, most of us are unable to gain admission into doctoral courses and cannot qualify for the UGC-NET criteria..”

Most students will not apply for reassessment because they feel that the chances of increasing grades are very low and the reassessment process is quite expensive. Marking errors have serious consequences for those applying for further studies, as most students’ marks do not meet the University’s eligibility criteria of 55% for the UGC-NET exam.

I had a qualified network and I want to do a PhD.. but I got less than 55/.. it’s less than the university criteria to pursue a PhD… this mark affects me mentally… I got 5 CGPA in 2 items which is very less than my expectation…these marks may be a hindrance in my future opportunities…. it affects my mental health.

Attached is a letter forwarded to the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, Yogesh Singh.

International students have also been affected. An Afghan student told DU Beat: “Due to the unexpected troubles in my country i.e. Afghanistan. All diplomatic relations between my country and India are suspended. Due to this situation, I was unable to obtain the Indian visa, which resulted in my absence for the final semester exams which were conducted offline. When I reported my concern to the Foreign Student Registration Office, they told us that grades would be given based on previous semesters held, but in the grade sheet it says Absent (AB) and the concerned authorities do not deal with my problems. It is a matter of careers and lives of students and those who trusted the Indian education system.”

Student disaffection with administration has only grown, and their experience has been shaped by the global pandemic and the uneven transition to offline college.

We were forced to give exams offline in the last semester, even though most of the courses were taken online. Most of us were already suffering from covid and many were out of town. We had to come to Delhi from different parts of the country just for a few days where even hostels and PGs took advantage of our situations and charged more than necessary. After all the stress, travel and pressure, we managed to prepare for the offline exams and now the grades we got are below satisfactory. Pretty sure I had scored better than what I actually received as a grade. It’s just unfair.


All eyes are on the administration now, as these students eagerly wait to see if their grades will go up.

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