Political science expert discusses impact of midterm abortion opinion leak


RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — The stunning revelation of a Supreme Court abortion opinion suggesting that Roe V. Wade may soon be ending is shaking the national political landscape.

“We’re at the beginning, when we see the primary going on in Nevada that could impact the Republican side, the Democrats don’t really have a lot of contention in their primary,” said Fred Lokken, director of the Department of political science at TMCC. .

While the document is a draft and judges can alter their votes before a final ruling, the leak gives Democrats a unifying message.

“This is becoming the problem of the fall campaign,” Lokken said. “I won’t be surprised, but whether it’s the issue that’s driving the economy, inflation, all the issues that we thought we were discussing in the fall, will take a back seat to this key issue of women’s health rights. .”

If the project is true, Nevada would not be affected by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the 1973 ruling, as abortion rights were codified into law in 1990.

Attorney General Aaron Ford, sending this message on Tuesday, “Nevada voters have guaranteed the right to a legal abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy…If you need reproductive health services, make an appointment with your doctor”.

On the other hand, Republicans applauded the contents of the document, with gubernatorial candidate Dean Heller saying “I pledge to support pro-life justices and to continue to fight for the sanctity of life and unborn children in Nevada”.

According to CNN, 13 states have passed so-called “trigger laws,” or bans designed to go into effect if Roe is overturned.

“We have already seen more people from out of state seeking abortion care services at our health center in Reno and other areas of the state,” said Daela Gibson, director of public affairs at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte. “That was the first step, that was the first big battle that they created, and the next could definitely be the dismantling of rights that people have worked for decades and hundreds of years for certain areas for rights LGBTQ+, trans rights.”

Lokken says the leak compromises the functionality of the court and cannot happen again.

A very controversial and historic moment, especially because the Supreme Court rarely overturns decisions. Again, the review isn’t final until it’s officially released and it’s not expected until late June or early July.

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