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Bombay, July 31: The 12th state board and CBSE result has been declared. Now all students are after admission. If you too have studied political science in class XI and XII and want to pursue a career in this field even after class 12, this news is just for you. After 12, you can get a job in many government and private sectors in this field. This is why today we are going to tell you about some professions that you study in political science (Career Opportunities in Political Science) Can do after taking. So let’s find out.

Civil service

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IFS (Indian Foreign Service) are the best career options, in this position, you have to do a good job for your country and make big decisions. IAS officers work for the welfare of the country. The civil service exam has political questions, which political science students can easily solve.

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– Advertising –

After graduating from political science, you can practice law and it helps to become a good lawyer. LLB is a 3 year course after which you have to pass an exam which leads to the All India Bar exam.


– Advertising –

The media covers all matters related to politics and a knowledge of political science is essential to pursue a career in it. If you want to do public outreach work, choose journalism. After journalism, you can train in mass communication to become an editor, political presenter, and journalist.

social work

If you want to work for society as a social worker, you can pursue a career in social work. For this you have to enter politics and then you can work for NGOs. Along with this, it is easy to work for the welfare of people, you can also do a degree in social work if you wish.

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political scientist

The field of political science has a different application. Government The role of a political scientist is to study various aspects of the system, learn how cities/countries work, how they interact, and how government policies influence them.

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