Peace, political stability the priority



Government officials said yesterday that Cambodia is prioritizing “peace, political stability and social order” to strengthen the rule of law, while upholding human rights in the Kingdom, following of a critical report by the US State Department.

Government spokesman Phay Siphan said yesterday that the US State Department’s 45th annual human rights report on Cambodia was only “political leanings,” saying the report conflicted with the real situation in Cambodia.

“This is a subjective report, it is drafted in an arbitrary manner and does not reflect the reality of the efforts of the Royal Government of Cambodia,” he said. “Cambodia, a country emerging from a civil war, prioritizes political stability and social order to strengthen the rule of law.

Siphan said Cambodia fully respects human rights as enshrined in the Constitution of the Kingdom.

“We know that the human rights issues that are written into the Constitution are protected by law, so when we try to make laws, we explain the law before it is applied,” he said. he declares. “The most important thing is the peace and political stability that the United States also wants. Any action that affects stability or public order, they [the US] will also take action.

On March 30, the US State Department released the “2020 National Reports on Human Rights Practices” which reviewed human rights violations in many countries over the past year. and criticized Cambodia in seven sections, including “Respect for the integrity of the person, including freedom”; “Respect for civil liberties”; “Freedom to participate in the political process” and “Corruption and lack of transparency in government”.

The report noted important human rights issues, including: “torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment inflicted by the government; arbitrary detention by the government; political prisoners and detainees.

He noted the lack of judicial independence; arbitrary interference with the privacy of citizens, including pervasive surveillance of electronic media; serious restrictions on freedom of expression, the press and the Internet, among others.

He said the government continued to restrict freedom of association, targeting specific groups he said might be involved in political dissent.

Siphan said that in order to protect human rights, the government must also strengthen law enforcement. He also spoke about the crackdown on US law enforcement during the Capitol Hill riot and the violent attack on the US Congress in January.

“We have a different leadership than the United States, obviously a different social and political environment,” he said. “We recently saw how much democracy and human rights in America fell during the Capitol riots?” We have clearly seen the administration in the United States and we have our own administrative measures. “

Justice Department spokesman Chin Malin said the release of a report by the United States criticizing human rights issues in a sovereign state is normal and acceptable if the criticism is based on technical aspects of human rights, because no human rights issue is fully implemented by any country.

“No country can be a teacher and a role model for other countries due to the different contexts, even the United States itself has a lot of human rights violations and has been heavily criticized by other countries in recent meetings. of the United Nations Human Rights Council, “he said. .

However, he added, if the publication of this critical report is done without the technical basis of human rights and only to politicize human rights issues in a sovereign state in order to achieve the ambitions and regional geopolitical interests, “Then other sovereign states won’t accept it. for they also have their national interests and national sovereignty which must be protected and maintained.

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