Owen Paterson falls victim to ‘broken political system’ following lobbying probe, daughter says


His wife, Rose, the former president of Aintree Racecourse, was found by a coroner in September 2020 to have committed suicide after being found dead in a forest near her home.

Now the couple’s daughter, Evie, has condemned the treatment of her father by parliamentary authorities.

Writing in The Telegraph, Ms Paterson said: “Over the past few months, I have slowly realized that my family is not just the victim of personal tragedy. We are also victims of a broken political system with no regard for its human cost.

The 29-year-old financial analyst adds: “You would think his wife’s suicide was sufficient punishment, especially since our mother had become deeply concerned with the way the investigation was being conducted. Obviously no. In addition to his wife of 40 years, he risks losing his career and his hard-earned reputation.

“Dystopian nightmare”

Ms. Paterson has denounced the investigation of her father’s conduct as a “dystopian nightmare”.

She says none of the basic principles of natural justice were followed by the Standards Commissioner, as her father was not allowed to defend himself publicly and his report was full of factual errors.

Ms Paterson says he is indeed being punished for trying to save lives because he was simply trying to alert authorities to the problem of dangerous carcinogens in milk and ham and the deadly consequences of not calibrating medical equipment provided by the Department for International Development to developing countries.

“Leading experts confirm that milk and ham are now safer for consumers because of my father’s actions, but that gets lost in the accusations,” she writes. “Do we really want to prevent members of Parliament from trying to right serious wrongs?”

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