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Taking democracy lightly, it feels like a drama – every act shows strange but delightful happenings. If one gets serious, begins to believe leaders’ promises, and allows oneself to be emotional about the enchanted personality of a political leader, then discontents and frustrations begin to surround him in every nook and cranny. .

Pay attention to your national responsibilities, keep an eye on the character of political figures in your constituency, and try to find someone of the caliber to vote for them in the next election. That’s all you can do as a patriot. Besides that, there is only some “entertainment” in lying, blaming, scoring, street performances, public rallies, investing money in elections and at least a hundred times more income on their electoral investments.

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Any sane person will no doubt hate the way our political leaders create an atmosphere of hooliganism, irresponsibility and hatred during their election campaigns. This kind of polluted atmosphere during elections and other political activities is a need for messy people. They cannot win public opinion in their favor without harming the neat, clean and stable environment of the country. Now Imran Khan and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf are no longer in power. The administration began to quickly “correct” things to the liking of the new rulers. While the new leaders show impatience to seize more and more of their power, the previous ruling party and its workers do not like the action of the new government. This behavior is the common psyche of “third world” people.

We can eliminate it by bringing balance and true Islamic faith into our behavior. To this end, ordinary people must look critically at the actions of their leaders.

Let’s see, what were the bad aspects of Imran Khan’s opposition to himself? Imran Khan’s Opposition: (1) There are serious lawsuits against them for looting national wealth pending in court. Their greatest effort was not to make them decide under the regime of Imran Khan. (2) Hundreds of people saw them receiving bribes, commissions and “political” donations [under threat]. Yet not even one of them can dare to admit it in court because they themselves were involved with them in most cases.(3) Our political system has become more of a system of dynasties than a system of democracy. Some families see this country as a place of plunder for their families. Long tenures gave them ample opportunity to seize trillions of rupees and administrative strength through countless unmerited appointments in almost all governmental and semi-governmental organizations. (4) In the case of government services, these leaders consider only loyalty to their families and forget about national interests. (5) Opposition leaders and bosses ignored the “foreign threat” and a “letter”.

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Imran Khan and his party: (1) Imran Khan failed to gather loyal and experienced people in his party. In elections, he preferred elected officials to his old and ideological party workers. (2), His party has remained busy responding to the opponent’s harsh criticism, particularly concerning the rise in prices. He has failed to make the ordinary citizen understand that he has done so much to correct the misdeeds of previous governments and that he has succeeded in stabilizing the economy and sustainable development on sound foundations. (3) Imran Khan’s coalition government encountered problems from its coalition partners, who always demanded more treasury positions in government and kept their eyes on the seat of the Chief Minister of Punjab. (4) Imran’s party always received music and songs to sing only on their leader. Even the majority of his party didn’t like one man’s praise so much. (5) Imran could not present his party as a model party of clean people. (6) The deputy commissioners continuously published price lists for vegetables, fruits and other items of daily use, but the price and stock control authorities failed to control the black market . Party lawmakers did not bother to contact trade associations and solve this main problem with their cooperation. (7) At many levels in his party, workers and members felt ignored by Imran Khan’s attention.


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