Nigerian political system does not reject good people, says Adefarasin | The Guardian Nigeria News


Founder of House on the Rock, Pastor Paul Adefarasin blamed the misdirection of the country on its political system.

Adefarasin said so yesterday at the 10th Project Spread, an annual charity giveaway to the less privileged to celebrate Christmas, held at the Rock Cathedral, Lekki, Lagos.

According to him, Project Spread was started to show and share with Nigerians the true meaning of Christmas. The pastor, while distributing about 2,000 5kg bags of rice and other food items, said churches and mosques should take care of people. He also said religious organizations need to talk to the government about the plight of citizens.

“Nigerians must learn to fish, not give fish. Young people need to learn technical skills to fend for themselves and earn a living. We must, together with the government, provide quality education. »

Advising Nigerians on what to do in the upcoming elections, he said, “Everyone must exercise their right to vote, get a voter’s card, join a political party, otherwise they will only give us two demons to choose from. The right people who can lead Nigeria, who can take the 36 states to the next level are available, but the political process does not allow the right people to come forward, the kind of people who are ready to serve the people.

“What we need is good leadership. So voters need to stop asking politicians for rice and chicken. They must demand good governance. I blame many Nigerians for selling their votes without knowing who they are voting for.

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