More and more Americans have a low opinion of the American economy and political system – WSJ survey


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A growing number of Americans are dissatisfied with the US economy and are pessimistic about the country’s political system, according has a the wall street journal Survey conducted with NORC at the University of Chicago, a nonpartisan research organization that examines social attitudes.

83% of respondents rated the state of the economy as bad or not so good. And more than a third, 35%, said they were not at all satisfied with their own financial situation, reaching the highest level of dissatisfaction since 1972, when NORC started asking the question every a few years as part of the General Social Survey. The poll’s 4-point margin of error, however, means the new numbers may not differ significantly from previous highs and lows, the WSJ said.

Some 27% said they had a good chance of improving their standard of living, down 20 points from 2021, and 46% said no. High inflation is the main driver of the pessimistic outlook, Jennifer Benz, vice president of public affairs and media research at NORC, told the newspaper.

At the same time, most Americans have a dim view of political discourse. 86% of respondents describe Americans as very divided on what values ​​matter most, with more than half saying they expect these divisions to deepen in five years. That’s up from the third of respondents who were asked the question last year.

The WSJ-NORC poll polled 1,071 adults from May 17 to May 17. Respondents were part of NORC’s AmeriSpeak survey panel which uses random sampling to represent the US population.

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