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NEW DELHI: The University of Delhi’s open book exams (OBE), which started on Monday, remained problematic even on Friday when final year BA (H) political science students were given a mock test of modern political philosophy for the real test. It took DU 40 minutes to upload a new paper when many students had started replying to the old one.
At around 11 a.m., Hindu College student Akshat Jethliya received a letter with the false DU test. He also found the same paper on the portal. “Our nodal officer told us he was looking into the matter. Around 11:40 am I found a new quiz on the portal. But many students did not check the portal and tried the fake paper,” he said. said Jethliya.
“We received the same questionnaire during phase II of the mock testing on August 3,” said Mudita Singh Kushwaha of IP College. She and her classmates thought it was a problem and checked the DU portal. “But finding out that the portal had the same paper as well, I had no choice but to try the fake paper,” Kushwaha said.
At just around 2 p.m., she checked her WhatsApp group at college and learned that a new piece of paper had arrived. “At this point, I had to redo my answers and line them up with new questions,” she added.
Many students never received a message on the updated question paper and only attempted the dummy paper, she said. “It is not possible to refresh the portal over and over again during a time limited review. A friend submitted the responses from the old document because she did not have a stable internet connection to constantly check her WhatsApp During exams, students expected to turn off their phones anyway, ”Kushwaha said.
A student from Kerala claimed he had never seen the messages on his college’s WhatsApp group. “I kept taking my exam. Now I’m afraid they’ll fail me.”
While the Dean of the DU Examinations Department, Vinay Gupta, affirmed in a text message to TOI that “the interrogation document was immediately rectified and we have informed all concerned”, many stakeholders claim that the students who had solved the old document should have a break.
Hindu College Nodal Officer KK Koul said many students did not check their phones during the exam and responded to the old paper. “The university should think about it and help these students, they cannot be penalized,” Koul said.
Echoing him, Reetu Sharma, a nodal officer at Ramjas College, said the mock test caused wasted time and confusion and students should be compensated for it.
Despite repeated attempts, Examining Dean Gupta did not answer TOI’s question about student respite.

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