Meet the 2021 Frank Stilwell Political Economy Award winners



Ram’s research is guided by the firm belief that in a democratic country like India, citizens should have a stake in the decision-making process and the ownership of clean energy infrastructure assets, like wind turbines and wind turbines.

His PhD focuses on the climate change-induced energy transition and community ownership of clean energy assets in India.

“I see this transition as essential to not only fight against climate change mitigation and energy poverty, but also to reframe the development discourse around the integration of climate, poverty, community and resources. natural, ”Ram said.

“I hope that my discoveries will give an essential academic force to the debate on the policy of defective and unbalanced energy transition in my country. The current political environment is dominated by the strong monopoly influence of the private sector and the capture of natural resources, which takes power away from the people.

“Winning the Frank Stilwell Award is a huge honor, I am truly honored that the award committee saw the merit of my work and chose me. Working and completing a PhD is a constant challenge, so with the help of this award, I will be able to focus more on my thesis and reduce the number of hours I work per week, ”Ram said.

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