LETTER – Our whole political system needs to be reformed


Rattus can’t remember a time when the world faced so many crises but seemed so unable to resolve them.

Even during the financial crash of 2008 with people queuing to withdraw their money from Northern Rock, world leaders took the appropriate action and saved us from total economic collapse.

Today looks different. Will cryptocurrencies be the next failure?

While Russia’s condemnation and Ukrainian bravery should be applauded, several countries are on the brink of collapse.

We need a new world order with more power for liberal democracies and their ability to put serious pressure on autocratic regimes and gangster states. We only need China to try to take control of Taiwan and we have real problems.

None of this is completely hopeless, but our current leaders and most leaders in the western world seem weak and ineffectual. So many countries are divided. The United States may have said goodbye to Trump, but it has just reversed 50 years of liberal abortion policy and will be hard pressed to prevent the idiot’s return.

It’s time for people to stand up for decency and integrity in politics and work together for the common good where they can. Our whole political system needs to be reformed.

While hard-working, low-wage workers, often in the public sector, struggle to feed their families or heat their homes in a world of rampant inflation, the rich and powerful must give up some of their inflated wages and bonuses. Young people cannot buy houses because the rich are asking for second homes and stays and no one is building cheap housing.

Rattus jokes that civilization will collapse and the rats will take over. An increasingly complex and interdependent world needs new institutions and new rules to avoid catastrophe.

rattus rattus

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