Lack of political stability harms investment and economic growth: FPCCI – Business & Finance


LAHORE: The Businessmen’s Group (BMP) of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Pakistan fears that the country’s political climate has become unpredictable due to political uncertainty, reducing the level of investment and affecting the country’s economic growth, suggesting that the government as well as the opposition parties to settle the problems through talks in parliament, which is the right way to solve the problems.

Businessmen Panel (BMP) Chairman Mian Anjum Nisar called on political leaders to act wisely and show commitment to the country as the lack of political stability is ruining the country’s business and economic activities.

The former FPCCI chairman said that this situation could create unstable economic conditions, generating higher risks, and turn into weak investment while inflation is one of the main sources of uncertainty.

The high inflation rate leaves the nation uncertain about potential investments, he added. He said the financial sector is stable as the government has continuously brought reforms in different sectors. He said the government was working on sustainable growth which would increase by up to another 6%. He said that several reforms had been made in industrialization, housing and the agricultural sector.

He said political circles should settle their differences for the general interest of the country and solve their problems through parliament, he added.

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