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$ 10 billion NLNG Train 7 proves Rivers safe, says Wike
ROK Ambassador to Nigeria Kim Young-Chae this weekend sought continued political stability in Nigeria, saying political stability remains crucial to Korea’s willingness to invest in the country.

Young-Chae said this during a visit to Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike at Government House, Port Harcourt.

“The biggest concern of Korean companies is political stability. Thus, political stability is essential for Korean companies to decide to invest in Nigeria. We want to see continued political stability in Nigeria and this is what I saw in Rivers, ”he said.

A statement by Kelvin Ebiri, special media assistant to Governor Wike, quoted the Korean envoy as saying that the media generally exaggerates reports of insecurity in Rivers State and other parts of the country. country.

Young-Chae pointed out that unlike negative media reports, visiting Rivers, Bayelsa, Adamawa, Ogun and other states across the country showed most places to be safer than what is often reported in the media.

“I have visited the states of Bayelsa, Adamawa and Ogun and it seems that the security situation is exaggerated. In most places, I feel safe. But the media coverage is often exaggerated and makes matters worse, ”he said.

The ambassador, who was accompanied by his wife and Korean Embassy officials, praised Wike for his leadership over the years, adding that the progress made in Rivers State in terms of infrastructure is commendable.

Young-Chae said Korea seeks greater economic cooperation with Rivers State and the rest of the country in the areas of construction, oil, gas, agriculture, fisheries, as well as cosmetic, medical and pharmaceutical products.

He said he was ready to help Nigerian companies penetrate Korean and East Asian markets, whose combined gross domestic product (GDP), he revealed, now exceeds that of Europe and America. North.

He also congratulated the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State, Desmond Akawor, for serving as a worthy Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea.

In response, Wike thanked Young-Chae for his pragmatic and objective analysis of the security situation in Rivers State.

He revealed that before the start of the $ 10 billion NLNG Train 7 project, he had met with the general managers of Daewoo and Saipem and that they had expressed their satisfaction with the level of safety in the area. ‘State.

“Rivers is one of the safest states in this country today. Security statistics from the police, state security services and the military attest to this fact. So when people say Rivers State is one of the most dangerous states, ask them where they get their stats from.

“If the insecurity was so severe in Rivers, the NLNG 7 train could not have happened because it is one of the biggest investments in this country today, worth $ 10 billion . No one can invest this kind of fund in a dangerous state, ”he said.

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