Johor polls: MCA urges voters to take a stand for political stability


KUALA LUMPUR: Political stability is crucial for Johor’s development and the upcoming state elections are an opportunity for voters to make a statement through the ballot box, says MCA Secretary General Datuk Chong Sin Woon (Photo).

He said voters in Johor were fed up with Pakatan Harapan’s “empty promises” and yearned for stability.

“Development in Johor has been disrupted, such as High Speed ​​Rail (HSR).

“So we hope that Barisan Nasional can come back to form a stable government and ensure a better economy for the people,” he said during a press conference at Wisma MCA here on Thursday (January 27).

KL’s HSR project in Singapore was originally proposed by the Barisan government in 2010 and Singapore agreed to jointly undertake the project in 2013.

Chong also said that following the death of Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia Party Kempas assembly member Datuk Osman Sapian last month, the Johor government only had a one-seat majority in the Johor State Assembly, which has 56 seats.

“We don’t want an unstable government to continue administering Johor because many programs cannot be implemented,” he added.

Chong also spoke about his meeting on Wednesday January 26 with Barisan Datuk Seri President Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Umno Datuk Vice President Seri Mohamad Hasan and Barisan Datuk Chief Hasni Mohammad.

“They hope for support from all races to form a strong and stable government that is also multicultural,” Chong said.

He added that more new faces will be presented as Barisan candidates, but pointed out that Barisan will use a different strategy than he employed in recent Melaka state polls.

“Every election is different and there is no single formula that can be used in every election. We will come up with a specific strategy for Johor,” he said.

In the November elections in Melaka, 24 of the 28 candidates presented by Barisan were new faces.

He won the state with a landslide victory, winning 21 of 28 state seats to secure a two-thirds majority in the assembly.

On another topic, Chong said the MCA will host a Chinese New Year reception on Feb. 1, but it will be by invitation only, due to Covid-19 standard operating procedures.

“This year, the MCA Chinese New Year Banquet will be held as a reception instead of the regular open house.

“About 300 guests have been invited, which is less than 50% of the capacity of the San Choon venue at Wisma MCA,” he added.

Chong said the invited dignitaries included the prime minister, former prime ministers, President Barisan, ministers and vice ministers, leaders of Chinese guilds and associations, and heads of foreign missions.

“We hope everyone can gather and celebrate responsibly with Malaysians across the country, but on a simpler scale this year due to pandemic restrictions,” he added.

The Johor assembly was dissolved on Saturday 22 January.

The former state government led by Barisan had a simple majority with 28 seats (Barisan 16, Bersatu 11 and NOT one) to Pakatan’s 27 after Osman’s death.

The Elections Commission will hold a special meeting on Feb. 9 to decide on nomination day, election day and other key issues for the state election.

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