Is the Final-Five vote the key to fixing our broken political system? – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM


It’s no secret that Americans are as divided as ever. That’s certainly true in Wisconsin, where just about every political issue seems to be halved. But at the end of the day, little seems to get done, increasing the frustration of our politicians who seem unable to compromise on anything. But maybe there is a way to make those we elect more accountable to their constituents. This is called the Final Five vote. A new system for electing our officials is being considered in Wisconsin. It’s not a radical idea and doesn’t require big changes at the ballot box. As part of the Final-Five vote, you would not have to choose a Republican or Democratic candidate. All candidates are listed together. You just choose your favorite, regardless of your party affiliation. Voters can also select their second favorite and third favorite and so on. If after the election a candidate has received at least 50% of the votes, the race is over. If this is not the case, the last one having obtained the vote is eliminated and the votes are counted. This continues until one candidate has a clear majority. This system would discourage candidates from simply pandering to their base and encourage more moderate positions on issues. This bill deserves a debate in Madison. Because it is clear that our current system is broken.

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