Internet users want political stability, candidates without a transplant


PETALING JAYA: While analysts may have clear opinions on which political party has the upper hand in Johor state elections, netizens are singing a different tune.

Online checks have revealed that social media users have no firm favorites ahead of the election.

Izeni Mohd Noor, 34, said in an online post that she would choose any party that provides political and economic stability in the state.

She said she was watching closely what party leaders were saying during the campaign.

“I also do their political background checks myself,” the Kluang resident said.

The mother-of-five said political parties make promises all the time, but what really matters are the candidates who can keep their promises.

Another social media user, Jonathan Lim, expressed hope that voters would make their decisions based on sound political knowledge.

He said he hopes voters choose candidates who aren’t corrupt or don’t have criminal records, regardless of what party they represent.

He added that all coalitions and all parties have baggage.

“The question is which one is the lesser devil,” Lim said.

All those commenting online were not from Johor and were simply expressing their views on the political situation in the country in general, bearing in mind the March 12 polls in Johor.

An academician, Professor Datuk Dr Wan Ahmad Fauzi Wan Hussain, said that until political donations were regulated, the problem of corruption in Malaysia would be difficult to stem.

“To say which political party is the favorite of the rakyat is very subjective. It really depends on who you’re talking to.

“’Clean’ politicians may have little or no funds despite being good at their jobs.

“A lot of voters don’t favor them because they can’t gain much from these politicians.”

Political parties and candidates said they were venturing into uncharted waters given the additional automatically qualified voters on the voter rolls.

Pakatan Harapan admitted that it is difficult to predict the results of the election.

Amanah Negara Party Chairman Mohamad Sabu said the atmosphere of the national elections was completely different from that of the 14th general election.

He added that there could be no precise predictions on voter turnout.

“First, we cannot predict turnout and second, there are too many candidates – at least four candidates for some seats and up to six candidates for others.

“We cannot predict like before. So we’re just doing the best we can. »

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