Indian High School Political Science Quiz


1# Let’s start with the simplest question. How to define democracy?

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  • A. Government of the people, by the people, for the people fault
  • B. A system where people do not elect their leaders directly, but through intermediariesfault

2# What is this building called? It is located in New Delhi.


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  • A. Supreme Court fault
  • B. Parliament fault

3# Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of India?


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  • A. The President fault
  • B. The Prime Minister fault

4# At school, we discovered a system of racial discrimination unique to South Africa. Mahatma Gandhi also helped dismantle this system. What was his name ?


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  • A. Aphid fault
  • B. Apartheid fault

5# Do you remember what an electoral college is?

    A set of voters selected to elect candidates for particular positions

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  • A. A place where people who count votes learn to do so fault
  • B. A set of voters selected to elect candidates for particular officesfault

6# Can you guess what Parliament is called in Hindi?

Sansad Bhawan

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  • A.Sansad Bhawan fault
  • B. Kendriya Sachivalaya fault

7# In which year did Indira Gandhi and President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed declare a state of national emergency?


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  • A.1975 fault
  • b.1989fault

8# What is the minimum age requirement to run for president of the country?

35 years

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  • A. 35 years old fault
  • B. 28 years old fault

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