Incompetent political system orientated towards national government


Living in such an unstable economy and poor governance is worrying for all of us because every Pakistani is now forced to think about what will happen next.

The people are forced to ask themselves if the current system is able to survive due to the feud between the opposition and the government. It is disappointing that the current political system is moving towards a national government and that the parliament seems helpless as it is unable to provide relief to the common man.

Without a doubt, the unprecedented rise in inflation, the continued depreciation of the Pakistani rupee, the constant rise in the prices of basic necessities, the heavy external debt, the internal political polarization, the mistrust expressed by the Supreme Court and the rise of corruption slipped the country into the hands of various powerful corrupt mafias.

These mafias have equal control over government officials, backpackers and opposition dealers. Both the government and the opposition have destroyed the very fabric and spirit of democracy by rendering parliament powerless and toothless. I think we need to deal with our problems objectively and with collective wisdom and mutual support to avoid the collapse of this system as can be seen slipping out of the hands of the current political elite who are mostly tied to various criminal and corruption cases. We must forget our internal divisions and rise above politics to pull the country out of crises and save this wounded system.

Politicians must know that they must overcome these crises in Pakistan through collective efforts. The failure of the system is due to the incompetence of politicians who do not rise above politics because of their financial and other interests.

The system is on the verge of collapse because of incompetent political managers. They are jointly pushing the government towards “national government” as the only option in the eyes of the people, although I wish it did not come to pass. We, at present, are in a political madhouse that has created a mess in every faction of society, resulting in social injustice and disorder.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan, when hearing the public interest petition last week, made some serious observations about the performance of the government, and those observations show the incompetence of our system. With an apology, it looked like the Supreme Court had demanded justice for the people. Further analysis reveals that our law enforcement and social justice institutions are on the verge of collapse.

The Pakistani people are fed up with the incompetence of the current political system and the situation has unfortunately brought us to a point where even the Supreme Court has had to summon the Prime Minister to demand justice to satisfy the petitioners.

This action would not have been necessary if there had been the rule of law because it is a fundamental duty of the government to ensure the security of the life and property of every citizen.

How many such cases would be treated at its level? The system is entangled in confusion and is powerless to solve the problem of hunger. He cannot provide the basic needs of social justice to the common man. The media are discussing different options for change and one of them is the “vote of no confidence” against the prime minister in the coming weeks. And there are threats of long marches and sit-ins (dharnas) too because people are suspicious of this government and its policies.

Well, governments are not overthrown with long marches but it is possible by vote of no confidence which is less likely because the opposition is not on the same wavelength in reality. They have a reputation for thwarting their plans at decisive moments. This will bring the situation back to square one where the pressure of rising prices may force the Prime Minister to dissolve the assemblies, as Imran Khan will not cede power to any of his opposing parties or his opposition group for obvious reasons. .

With the inflation oozing social systems and the economy, the common man and the public are at the end of their tether. Now, it appears that the commotion in the streets is the only way for the public to obtain their rights and redress under the third option cited above. The people are upset and desperate because there is a huge gap between what this government has committed to and what it has delivered over the past three years.

Whether in the oil sector or commodities, the PTI government is unable to stop the corrupt mafias who force those close to the corridors of power. They are doing the same in the country that they did in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The constantly making headlines Rawalpindi ring road scandal is supposed to be this government’s biggest scandal. Although the project was conceived during the tenure of the previous government, the plan was revised under the PTI government. The allegations that are circulating in the media are that the revisions were made for the benefit of private entities and individuals. Many big names are spared and there remain a lot of mysteries about this project since, despite doubts about the transparency of the overhaul, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar, approved the summary. And it’s also unclear why a meeting chaired by the prime minister himself approved the funds for the project.

Recently, the LNG bought by the PTI government is more than three times as expensive as that bought by the PMLN government and it caused a loss of $ 65 million in a single shipment, making it an exemplary case of epic incompetence. . Typically, LNG costs Pakistan 13.37% of Brent while this cash cargo purchased by the PTI government costs 42% of Brent.

There is a stack of cases of incompetence and poor performance by this government which includes the BRT scandal which left a lot of people in shock. Construction of the BRT began in October 2017 and was due to be completed in six months, with the 2018 general election approaching. The project, however, faced delays, mismanagement, technical flaws, irregularities and clumsiness, which made it a “shady and precarious” project. This project not only cost the country an unusual initial blow of 67.8 billion rupees funded by the Asian Development Bank, but it also paid an additional 25% as a reward to the contractor for completing the project on time. The entrepreneur, however, not only pocketed 25% more money, but also failed to complete the project even after a year in 2019. The story of the embarrassment doesn’t end there as it There is still no sign of the completion of this almighty project. Its deadline was further extended by the KPK government in June 2021.

There is a stock of corruption and scandal cases within the PTI government, but they don’t fail to surprise us with their so-called tale of accountability, austerity, honesty and a corruption-free society.

The government continues to lose its foothold due to mismanagement of business. The opposition has remained just as incompetent because it gives free rein to bad governance. This is how the government and the opposition have fallen into the danger zone dragging the country into uncontrollable bad governance, leaving limited options for survival, and the people see the country moving towards a broad national government. to ensure the security of the country through better governance.

This article is based on authoritative media reports and the latest developments in the country and some ratings and I have no grounds for it. I call on all political parties and the government to go beyond political gains and save the country by pulling it out of economic and political crises before it is too late because this could cause irreversible damage to our homeland.

The writer is a former Pakistani Home Secretary, author of five books, Chairman Institute of Research & Reforms (IRR) Islamabad / Global Eye. He can be contacted at: [email protected], Twitter @Senrehmanmalik, WhatsApp +923325559393

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