I am discouraged by our political system, our educational system, our caste system: the father of an Indian student killed in Ukraine




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Posted: Tuesday March 1st 2022, 10:59 PM [IST]

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Haveri, March 1:
Expensive medical training and ‘casteism’ are some of the factors driving Indian students to flock to foreign destinations like Ukraine to fulfill their dreams as a doctor, the father of slain Indian student Naveen said on Tuesday. in the war-torn nation of Europe.

I am discouraged by our political system, our educational system, our caste system: the father of an Indian student killed in Ukraine

One has to shell out millions of rupees as ‘bribes’ to secure a medical seat even if things were under private control, making medical education a difficult option for many, mourner Shekarappa Gyanagouda says . Naveen from Chalageri in Haveri district was a fourth-year MBBS student at a medical college in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which is currently witnessing a fierce battlefield between Russian and Ukrainian forces. He ventured out of his bunker to get food, water and exchange currency when he died in the shelling.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Gyanagouda and expressed sadness over his loss.

Gyanagouda said Modi assured him that he would make arrangements to collect his son’s body within the next two to three days as the fighting continues in Kharkiv. According to Gyanagouda, his son was very smart from childhood and never took any lessons.

In class 10 he got 96% while in class 12 he got 97%, Naveen’s father told reporters. He added that his son dreamed of becoming a doctor when he was in 10th standard because he was very strong in science.

“Due to the education system and caste, he couldn’t get a seat despite being a smart student. Here we have to pay a bribe of Rs one crore to Rs two crore to get an MBBS seat,” he alleged, apparently referring to concepts. such as capitation or donations.

“I am discouraged by our political system, our education system and our caste system. Everything is under the control of private institutes. When education is possible in just a few hundred thousand rupees, why crores are spent here. The education there (in Ukraine) is very good. Even the equipment is very good compared to India, the college and education are good,” he said. He added that he had borrowed money from friends and family and sent Naveen to Ukraine to study MBBS.

Blaming politicians for the weak education system, he called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure that quality higher education is also provided at minimum cost in private institutes.

“At least from now on efforts in this direction should be made,” the heartbroken father said.

On a question, he said that BJP MP for Haveri Shivakumar Udasi gave him the assurance “like the others” but there was no proper response from him.

He added that for the past week, parents whose children are stranded in Ukraine have been meeting with MPs, MPs and ministers to organize the safe return of students.

They all tried to bring back those who were in the border security zone but not those who were in the risk zone, he said.

Speaking about the Indian Embassy’s response, he said, “We haven’t received any calls from the Indian Embassy. No one at the Embassy has received any calls from our children. They gave phone numbers but no response.

He called on Foreign Ministry officials to make efforts to bring more students back to our country.

“We don’t get any information. No one tells us about the safety of our children,” he said. PTI

Article first published: Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 10:59 p.m. [IST]

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