How to Improve Nigeria’s Weak Political System –NIPSS Managing Director, Omotayo


The National Institute for Political and Strategic Studies has advised political parties to imbibe sportsmanship in their quest for political power, saying it will help strengthen democracy and the political system.
The chief executive of the institute, Prof. Ayo Omotayo, made this known during a two-day retreat on “Strategic Leadership for Effective Cross-Party Engagement” held in Lagos.

He said it was the prerogative of all registered political parties, regardless of their status, whether as ruling party or in opposition, to be part of IPAC, which serves as a unifier. .
Yusuf M. Dantalle, National Secretary of the All-Party Advisory Council and Chair of the Retirement Communique Editorial Board, said, “Developing an achievable strategic plan for IPAC over the remaining life of the current leadership, built around a clear vision, mission and purpose. A highly interactive website and social media handles should be designed and promoted under the guidance of a dedicated IT administrator.
“Engage the services of consultants to develop and implement a professional proposal for effective fundraising. Improve levels of engagement between political parties and other relevant stakeholders.
“Strengthen IPAC structures at the sub-national level and also ensure that strategic leaders are supported at the same level. Application of severe sanctions to errant leaders of the IPAC at the sub-national level mortgaging the collective interest of political parties for pecuniary gains.
“Develop a leadership development program that will help improve recruitment processes for political party leaders. Ensure inclusiveness through a deliberate action plan to persuade lagging political parties to amend their respective constitutions to better accommodate people with disabilities, women and youth.
“To simultaneously undertake aggressive advocacy, pursue an appropriate legal framework in the National Assembly and ensure a nationwide boycott of local government elections to build credibility and provide a level playing field for free, fair, peaceful and transparent elections where this account. Creation of a forum for IPAC Past Presidents to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board.

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