How a retired LSU political science professor left an impact after 52 years of teaching | New


A look at the impact of 52-year-old retired professor Dr. Cecil Eubanks on campus.

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Retired political science professor Dr. Cecil Eubanks has spent the past fifty-two years at LSU inspiring students with his lectures on topics of political thought and ethics.

Throughout his career, he received several distinctions, the most “significant”, as he said, allowed him to become an alumni professor. An annual award for ethical writing that bears his name is also awarded each year.

Dr Eubanks expressed “his vocation” to educate as an encouraging and fascinating set of teachers, recognizing him as the full circle of college education.

When asked, he expressed his take on a “lineage of influence” that teachers and education students have and how impressionable moments can impact these students. He hopes that some of the three generations of students he teaches have been touched in this way.

His hope to make an impact was exemplified by Madame Farida Guechoud, French teacher at LSU and former student of Dr Eubanks, who says she wants to bring the passion for teaching he brought to her class in the his.

“The way he delivers the content, the way he listens, the way he personally cares about the students, makes his class a very special experience,” she said.

Despite the difficulties of the past, Dr Eubanks’ ability to adapt and maintain student interest at LSU will remain a key component of his career. He left me a message: use your time in college to get to “know yourself and the world”.

“As a teacher, I have always asked students who do you want to be,” he said, “for yourself, others and the world around you. This is what university studies, I think, are best suited to accomplish. “

Dr Eubanks will still be there to instruct some graduate students and may one day return to teach a course. Keep an eye out for you as you might be lucky enough to take one of his classes.

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