Hong Kong’s new electoral system to ensure socio-political stability benefits OFWs – Chinese envoy to PH – Manila bulletin



China’s adoption of electoral reforms in Hong Kong will also benefit the thousands of Filipinos who work there, who will benefit from a “more stable socio-political environment” and a predictable business climate, the ambassador of Hong Kong said on Thursday. China in the Philippines, Huang Xilian.

Ambassador Huang Xilian (MB file photo)

Huang made the comment hours after the Beijing parliament passed a resolution revising Hong Kong’s electoral system and implementing what he described as “patriots ruling Hong Kong” that would ensure long-term stability, prosperity and the continued implementation of “One Country, Two Systems”.

“I believe that improving the electoral system in Hong Kong SAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) will not only provide a more peaceful and stable social environment for Filipinos in Hong Kong, but also create a more stable political environment and more predictable business. environment for businesses in all countries, including the Philippines. The day after Hong Kong will be better, ”the Chinese envoy said in a statement.

Over 200,000 Filipinos work in Hong Kong, many in the service industry.

Huang explained that the goal of improving the electoral system in Hong Kong SAR was to “ensure that Hong Kong’s democratic system progresses in a healthier and smoother manner.”

“Implementing the principle of ‘patriots ruling Hong Kong’ and improving Hong Kong’s electoral system will help Hong Kong move from chaos to stability, eliminate the concerns of the international community about Hong Kong’s social chaos and to fully serve the interests of all parties. ,” he said.


According to Huang, among the “improvements” to Hong Kong’s electoral system were: the overall design will focus on reform and greater empowerment of the Hong Kong SAR Election Committee; the size, composition and mode of formation of the electoral commission will be adjusted and improved; the chief executive will continue to be elected by the elections committee; the Election Committee will be given the new function of electing a relatively large proportion of members of the Legislative Council and of participating directly in the nomination of all candidates to the Legislative Council; through the electoral committee, balanced and orderly political participation will be broadened and wider representation ensured in Hong Kong society; relevant elements of the election will be adjusted as necessary, and a qualification review mechanism will be put in place throughout the process.

“This conception aims to form a new democratic electoral system adapted to the realities of Hong Kong and to the characteristics of Hong Kong,” he said.

The Chinese diplomat added that the new electoral system not only respected the democratic rights of the public, but also “preserved national sovereignty, security and development interests.”

In addition to this, he said it also prevents radical anti-China protesters from destabilizing Hong Kong and political agents of international anti-China forces from entering the Hong Kong SAR authorities.


In the nearly 24 years since Hong Kong returned to the motherland, Huang has maintained that China has remained committed to the principles of “One country, two systems” and “The people of Hong Kong rule Hong Kong” with a degree. high autonomy.

“As a result, the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ practice has been a universally recognized success, Hong Kong’s political democracy has gradually progressed, and Hong Kong citizens enjoy unprecedented rights under the law,” he said. he noted. However, in recent years, since the turmoil over proposed legislative amendments began in 2019, Huang noted that anti-Chinese troublemakers in the city have colluded with external hostile forces, openly advocating “the Hong Kong independence ”and caused trouble in Hong Kong.

With the chaos that has proven there are obvious loopholes and loopholes in Hong Kong’s current electoral system, the envoy said it was important to take the necessary steps to improve the system and eliminate institutional loopholes. existing and the risks to ensure the administration of Hong Kong by Hong Kong. Kong with Patriots as the main body.

“This, in turn, will ensure an efficient and law-based administration in Hong Kong SAR and keep the implementation of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ always on track,” he said.

Ambassador Huang stressed that as the SAR of China, Hong Kong should be ruled by the patriots, which is a fundamental ethic practiced around the world.

“Hong Kong is part of China and its electoral system could be classified as China’s local electoral system. How it is designed, developed or improved is entirely up to China’s internal affairs, ”he said.



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