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PARTY for National Unity and Progress Chairman Highvie Hamududu said Zambia’s economy is currently in the intensive care unit because of people voting based on icimwela’s policies (chants ).

He called for a complete overhaul of the country’s socio-political system and “reset our economy for sustainable progress”

Hamududu said that a PNUP government had pledged to wean “our country from extremism, populism and inconsistency in economic policy,” as such that is causing the slow progress. that our economy recorded for most of our 57 years of independence.

Speaking to Copperbelt-based reporters at a media breakfast held at Crossroads in Kitwe on Wednesday morning, Hamududu, who is in the province on a party mobilization tour, called on President Edgar Lungu’s government to immediately call to a mining indaba to remedy the poor economic situation which did not spare the Copperbelt.

“The signs of a bad economy can be seen by the few people who are in our malls. I was touring the malls here in Kitwe, and there is no one there, ”said Hamududu, an economist. “The bigger problem, in this regard, has been the current government’s faltering belief in the principles and effectiveness of the free market economy, even when its manifesto on paper espoused the same thing. Populism has gone beyond best practices, evidence and lessons learned. “

He pointed out that this was the main reason Zambia’s economic progress had regressed in the recent past.

“For this reason, we challenge the government to stick to its own statements as adopted in the economic stimulus package and we also urgently call for the mining indaba,” he said. he declares. “Our economy is in critical care and we believe the solution to the economy lies in standardizing mining policies and laws and creating a platform of mutual trust between government and the mining industry so that long-term investments in the mining sector can be made. . “

Hamududu further told reporters that: This growth can only be achieved if there is stability in the mining sector and other growth-generating economic sectors such as agriculture, tourism, information and communications and manufacturing.

“With the graceful increase in copper prices, the government must quickly revise the mining tax regime and make it attractive and pro-growth, because failing to do so would be tantamount to losing an opportunity to achieve macroeconomic stability for the economy. ‘improving the economy and improving the well-being of our people,’ Hamududu said.

He said the PNUP strongly believes that the end result of this year’s general election must be predictable, clear and consistent policies other than icimwela politics.

“We are convinced that the final results of the 2021 elections must pronounce for our nation, a clear and total renewal on the way this country is run and how politics are conducted in our country if we are to make real progress and improve ourselves. . the well-being of all our citizens, ”explained Hamududu. “We need a complete overhaul of our socio-political system and reset our economy for sustainable progress.”

He also pledged that a PNUP government would implement sound free market economic policies and reforms, “with conviction, clarity, consistency and predictability as the main basis for developing Zambia’s economy and lifting citizens out of poverty. deeply rooted.

“We are committed to weaning our country from extremism, populism and inconsistency in economic policy, as such, which is the source of the slow progress recorded by our economy during most of our 57 years. years of independence, ”noted Hamududu.

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