Growth linked to political stability


LAHORE: Political parties need to show maturity to improve economic conditions and political stability in the country as an atmosphere of instability prevails at the local level due to foreign interference in Pakistan’s economic and political policies and this affects everyone at the national level.

These views were expressed by participants in Jang’s economics session on “Rising Political Tension – How is a Conducive Business Environment Evolving?” The panelists were DrIhsan Malik, Qaisera Sheikh, Muhammad Ali Mian and Aima Mehmood moderated by SikandarLodhi.

Dr Ihsan Malik said recent political incidents show that politics has become a business. Politicians should think about the future rather than the past. Non-development expenditure is the greatest pressure on the national economy. Buying and selling a member of the assembly with Rs6 billion is a shameful act.

He called for focusing on decision-making in the national interest, as compromise on economic policies is not appropriate. The world powers have never wanted Pakistan to be self-sufficient and ordinary mortals know that the people can no longer be fooled.

Qaisera Sheikh said that the situation in Punjab was deteriorating after Islamabad when businesses were hit hard but the public only understood inflation when inflation was not a new thing and the current government did not. was not entirely responsible. She called for solving the commoners’ cooking problem as a priority while keeping the business community on board to solve economic problems.

Muhammad Ali Mian said political instability has continued over the past two decades. No government has been able to formulate long-term policies. There should be an economic wing between the political parties. Balanced economic policies should be formulated to improve the economic situation. Emphasis should be placed on the formulation of long-term policies for the improvement of the country’s economy. He asked the PTI to end rallies and protests to end the instability. The good policy of a government should not be stopped by the next government. There is an urgent need to develop a policy to reduce inflation and unemployment.

Aima Mehmood said political parties should first establish democracy within their ranks to solve the country’s economic problems and lay the foundation for a unified national economic system. All political parties fight for their power without having an action plan. Unemployment is on the rise in the country at the moment and the country is facing an economic crisis which could create a crisis similar to that of Sri Lanka. She observed that inflation negatively affected the majority of the public, while young women did not have access to most job opportunities and those doing small businesses had to go through a long process to obtain an account. banking. The media, the chamber, all together must improve the economic situation of the country.

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