Growth linked to good governance, political stability


LAHORE: Good governance and political stability are vital for economic stability and to achieve the goal, parliament, the public and every quarter should play their due role.

These views were expressed by panelists during Jang’s economic session on “Economic stability – how to improve governance and the political environment”. The speakers were PIAF President Mian Nauman Kabir, MAP President Aamir Sallam, MD Superior Group Ch Abdul Khaliq, Aima Mehmood and Waleed Khan, as they were greeted by Sikindar Lodhi.

Mian Nauman Kabir said poor governance is the cause of economic and political instability and transparency and accountability are crucial to improve it. The current situation in Afghanistan must also be taken into consideration for political and economic stability, as good relations with the neighbor would help there, while Afghanistan is now the center of global attention and Pakistan is the only one. access door. So a good strategy could produce desirable results. An enabling environment can help achieve economic stability. He asked to facilitate SMEs as well as LSM. Aamir Sallam said that political stability is also a fundamental element along with good governance for economic stability, as the political system has never stabilized in Pakistan. He believed that adopting merit at every institution and at every level could solve the majority of the problems.

He said COVID has affected a large number of industries, created unemployment and production problems, but the laboratory, pharmaceutical and healthcare sector has seen huge growth. He called for reforms in railways and other public sector enterprises for the promotion of business and commerce.

Ch Abdul Khaliq said goodwill is necessary for political and economic stability while Imran Khan and all political leaders should work and make positive efforts to achieve growth goals. He suggested to young people an education for job creation rather than diplomas in search of a job and to make young people optimistic about the future. He said that the youth are an asset for the country and that it is necessary to sensitize them. Aima Mehmood said that good governance creates political and economic stability in the country and for this the application of the rule of law at all levels is necessary. Currently, it seems that everyone is helping to destabilize the situation while people remain deprived of their basic rights. She said the days of blame politics were over as the government failed to implement good governance. She demanded the inclusion of women in decision-making for political stability and law enforcement.

Waleed Khan said that health and education, clean water and a sense of protection are fundamental elements of good governance, while restructuring of the system is necessary for good governance. Lack of accountability and abuse of power are the cause of growing problems while it is necessary to embrace merit, good leadership transparency and accountability are needed to achieve growth goals.

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